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Support, engineering, development, and training services tailored for technical staff in the call center and telephone answering service industries.

Call Theory

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Call Center Support

Trusted and capable with over 15 years experience in telecom, development, and infrastructure serving the call center industry and telephone answering service industries.

Request bounties
Looking for something specific that's not in the portal? If it's shareable with other subscribers, request new content via bounties at no additional cost.
Community Slack chat
Join my Community Slack chat to network, get help directly from me via chat, and help others solve their call center problems. See you in #support!
Email Support
Send me your questions - whether it's advice, training, or for my technical expertise - and I'll get back to you fast (usually same or next business-day.)
Weekly Office Hours
Stuck with a database issue? Need to tweak a script but not sure where to start? Join my subscribers-only weekly office hours to get issues resolved faster.
Subject-Matter Expert Advisor
I'll join your vendor and/or internal meetings as a SME in an advisory role to translate the tech being discussed and provide expertise and opinions.
Contract Services
Contract services includes scripting, reports, server work, infrastructure, API integrations, and more. Large projects may be quoted separately.
Dedicated Weekly Meeting
A weekly private meeting where we solve issues, pair-program, discuss specific topics, and/or plan future work. Available exclusively on the Level Up plan
Emergency Support
Call me when you have after-hours technical emergencies to assist you and/or your vendors so you can concentrate on resolving the problem. Available exclusively on the Level Up plan

Ready to level up? (I've got your back.)

Desktop Application

Mission Control

Mission Control is a Windows desktop application used to deliver unique tools and services to our subscribers and the greater NAEO community.

Shuttle Database Sync
Easily sync your MDR, CTE, and other databases.
Community Tools
View offline Info pages, send mass notifications, and more.
Rover Archive Explorer
An improved method of searching and sharing Intelligent Series archived messages.
Scripted Browser
A simple web-browser based on Chromium you can use to script client websites for your agents. Coming Summer 2021
For more info, check out my company and product roadmap.