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Special love for NAEO & Amtelco ecosystems

Focused Support

We live and breath the call center and answering service industries and understand the challenges that come with it. But more importantly, we can help communicate these challenges to stakeholders outside of or new to the industry.

Scripting Library

The fast-track to success! Get up and running quickly with scripting ready-made for Amtelco-based call centers, including API integrations, feature-based examples, and industry templates. Request new templates through bounties!
Coming July 2020

Unlimited Users

Like us, many of you are small businesses! We're bucking the trend of charging per user so you can focus on scaling your business and not your budget. Invite unlimited users to the online documentation and scripting library.
Call Theory

Database help?
Server problem?
Script not working?
Wasting staff time?
Getting nowhere!?

Call Theory

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A search that finds what you're looking for!

Learn call center technology — including telephony, scripting, servers, databases, Twilio, Amtelco, text messaging, API integrations, and more!

Docs you will fall in love with

The search index is automatically generated every documentation update ensuring you never miss target.

We use open-source technology and workflows, along with Google's Material Design principles to create one of the best documentation experiences in the industry – across any device.

Call Theory

On-Demand Support

We are where you are

Contact us by phone, text, e-mail, DM, Messenger, Zoom, Meet, Teams - it's your choice.

Emergency support available

Call Theory We teach your technical staff on support calls so they can handle future issues.
Call Theory Contract services includes scripting, reports, server work, infrastructure, API integrations, and more.

Contract Services

Get the most for your money

Don't need the on-demand support? Put us to work! Use the 4 hour(s) of included support for contract services.

Available on the Level Up plan

Call Theory

Flexible billing for your benefit

  • Month-to-month or annual plans
  • Don't need the support? No problem
  • Cancel, upgrade, or downgrade online
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2-months free when you commit to an annual plan

We hope you'll stay for the email support, tech docs, and script library, but you're free to upgrade, downgrade, cancel and re-subscribe as you see fit!


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