Technical Support Pricing

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Digital Resources

Call center technical knowledge and digital resources at your disposal.


  • Unlimited Portal Users
  • Email & Slack Chat Support
  • Script Library & Vendor Directory
  • Weekly Community Office Hours
  • Technical Docs, Tips, and Tricks
  • Interactive Scheduled Support*
  • Contract Support Services*
  • Contract IS Programming*
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Technical Support

Essential tech support, guidance, and utilities for call centers.


  • Includes everything from Digital Resources
  • Weekly Amtelco IS Scripting Training
  • Dedicated Weekly Private Meeting
  • Hosted Company Documentation
  • Mission Control Utility Dashboard
  • Business Hours Phone Support (Break-Fix)
  • Emergency & After-Hours Support*
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Managed Services

We handle operations and management of your technical infrastructure.

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  • Infrastructure & System Management
  • 24x7 Emergency On-Call
  • Business Applications & Licensing
  • Website & Application Hosting
  • Operational Support & Ticketing
  • Security Detection & Response
  • Database Management & Optimization
  • On-Premise & Cloud Infrastructure
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Technical Staff Training & Mentoring
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* Additional hourly rates apply to these services.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email your question(s) to

    • What types of content are covered in the documentation?

      We maintain documentation relating to infrastructure, call center platforms, and various other technologies used by our customers. Don't see something? Email us a request and we'll get it added!

    • What is the Community Slack Chat?

      Slack is a workplace and community chat-application widely used in enterprise asynchronous communications. Call Theory maintains a support channel for all of our subscribers to access and ask questions. Turn-around time is not guaranteed, but you generally will have multiple eyes on your solution.

    • How does email and scheduled support work?

      We utilize a ticketing system that converts your emails into actionable tickets - viewable through our ticket portal or just manage them by responding in your email. You can also schedule one-on-one time directly from our calendar - please see the portal for additional details.

    • What are weekly office hours?

      Customers are invited to our weekly Zoom conference on Tuesdays at 3PM Eastern. It's a great place to get help, learn what others are doing, and network! The intangible benefits from this meeting are worth checking out. As a subscriber, you can also invite a guest to office hours!

    • What is the Dedicated Private Weekly Meeting?

      Each week, representatives from your company join a 1-hour dedicated (and private) Zoom call for follow-ups, talking through issues, training on scripting/platforms, or otherwise working together as desired.

    • How many users is unlimited?

      While our content generally benefits your technical and management staff the most, you are free to invite any number of users from within your organization to the portal. We do ask that you proxy service requests from your organization through a central contact as to avoid duplicate and time-consuming request filtering.

    • What is in the Script Library?

      Our Script Library is a collection of different digital resources including T-SQL scripting, Amtelco Intelligent Series scripts, PowerShell scripts, Twilio examples, High-Quality Hold Music, and more.

    • What are the Vendor Listings used for?

      When we work with clients or 3rd-party companies, we generally add them as a potential vendor for any subscriber to access like a directory. Think of it like a curated list of products that have/are being used within the industry. You can and should volunteer your favorite brands and products!

    • What's covered through Contract Services?

      Contract services includes infrastructure setup, database optimization, IS programming training, general break-fix support, and/or building custom solutions. Large-scope projects and software development are generally not covered under contract services and may be quoted separately. Contract services and break-fix are not included in your base subscription and are charged at a rate of $50/hr.

    • What is Contract IS Programming?

      Contract IS Account Programming is a service available to our paid subscribers for making system-wide IS programming updates (directory, scripting, on-call, etc.,) or to create new templates or account, or help with custom scripts/integrations. Our IS Programmers are trained by Patrick Labbett and receive continuous education/training to hone their skills. Contract account programming is not included in your base subscription and has a rate of $50/hr.

    • When do Emergency Support hours apply?

      Emergency support applies on weekends, week-days from 8pm Eastern to 8am Eastern, and all day during state and federal holidays - based on Eastern Time Zone in the US. Emergency support is billed at a one (1) hour minimum at the Contract Services rate of $50/hr.

    • What is Company Hosted Documentation?

      Our customer runbooks - i.e., the documentation that powers your technical and operational policies and processes. It's highly available, encrypted, and backed up redundantly so you always have access - even when your infrastructure is down.

    • What are the Amtelco IS Scripting Sessions?

      Exclusive to our Technical Support (previously called Level Up) and Managed Services customers, join us for a structured weekly training class on Amtelco Intelligent Series scripting. We are not affiliated with Amtelco.

    • What is the Mission Control Dashboard?

      Mission Control is a utility dashboard for Amtelco Genesis and Intelligent Series bringing additional capabilities to augment your client and agent experiences. Licensing is included for installation within your company infrastructure. Features include Inbound Email, Board Check, Credit Card Processing, Cloud Faxing, Recent Caller API, and many more!

    • What is your refund policy?

      Monthly subscriptions are non-refundable. Annual subscriptions are partially-refundable - you will receive a refund for the remaining full months, minus $900 (the 2-free months we provided for signing up on the annual plan.)

    • What support is included for Mission Control?

      24/7 support for the Mission Control dashboard is included in the Technical Support plan. Emergency or after-hours issues that are not related to the dashboard application are billed at normal contract services rates.

    • Who is Patrick Labbett?

      Hello, that's me! I'm the creator and founder of Call Theory - I have been working on phone systems and in/around the call center and answering service industries my entire professional career - since roughly 2002. I bootstrapped Call Theory to try and do whats best for my customers technology goals without sacrificing on my personal ethics.